Vow Renewals

Make it a Surprise for your friends at a Party, or have it all sorted and fully catered for.  Vow Renewals are a great way to let everyone know how much you still love and care for each other.  Whether having this at home or in a park, I can help you design a day (or night) that you will remember forever!
You will receive:

I have a PA system available for use, and this can also be used for music as well.

Vow Renewal Packages

Small Ceremony
with Best Friends
& Family

If you just want to keep it small and simple, this is a great way to do it. With just a small group of about 10 guests this is a lovely small and short ceremony, but still a beautiful way to let the world know how you still feel about each other.

I can supply you with a selection of short vows to choose from.

This package is great if this is a spur of the moment surprise and you just need some help getting it done!!

It might be you have had or are having a lavish overseas ceremony and only need to get the legals done, or you want an old fashioned elopement, or you just want to keep it simple.

Whatever the reason, this is still a beautiful short ceremony, with all paperwork sorted and sent to relevant legal departments afterward. Great for small gatherings, or just you guys and your witnesses!

A little bit of
Pomp & Ceremony

Still a smaller gathering but with vows you can choose from a selection I already have written for you.

Good for intimate groups of around 20 – 30 people.

This may still be a surprise for either spouse, or just a surprise for your group at your party!

If you wish to add some extra touches this can definitely be arranged. Just ask.

The Whole Shindig​

You want the big day, big dress, big hair with all the rellies and the fur babies included!

Your own vows, any extra options you may wish for. PA System, music, speeches.

Also a rehearsal if possible at least a week before.

If you want everyone to know how you still feel about each other, let me help you shout it from the rooftops!

Great for large gatherings with all the bells and whistles!

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